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Corporate Profile

      Siam Compressor Industry Co., Ltd. (SCI) is Thailand's first manufacturer of rotary compressors for air-conditioning applications, was founded on May 25, 1990, which was managed and arranged by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, an expert in the production of compressors with over 70 years of experience. In 2003, SCI expands production line by producing Advanced Scroll which use technology of Frame Compliance Mechanism (FCM). This latest technology for scroll compressors from Mitsubishi Electric will optimize the energy usage and minimize losses during operation.

      Every stage of production process is controlled by modern, sophisticated technology and competent, knowledgeable staff. As a result, SCI has undergone a great business expansion and extended its market reach from Thailand's to many countries around the world.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
(MELCO group) 100%
46.4 MUS$
(1603.8M Baht)
million sets / year
Production Capacity

Vision & Mission

       To be the greener solution provider and the excellent compressor business for cooling and heating application in superior quality, performance, innovative technology to sustain environment and satisfy stakeholders requirement.


Speed to Customer

Operation Excellence

Strengthening our 'empathy process' to customers for deep understanding in their "pain point and opportunities" by cultivating the digital communication tools to communicate closer with customers.

Speed to Market

Product/Operation Excellence

"The sooner, the better" is important when we develop the right product to the market.

Speed Supply Chain

Operation Excellence

Get the big ideas to shorten our lead time along all supply chain (supplier to customer) to match with the lead time of customer's demand. Utilize e-Factory to make our "part and information flow" smooth and synchronized with QCDS.

Speed by Agile Working Way

People Excellence

SCI's people must be equipped with "hard skill and soft skill".They must have deep fuction skill and wide for soft skill (T-Shape), growth mindset, Agile minset, digital mindset and 4Cs (Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Communication) must be enhanced.



We will contribute to the realization of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity and also develop next era technology for compressor.



Move forward to be greener solution provider with Energy saving solution and Eco friendly for green and sustainable society.

greener efficiency

  • Increase resource efficiency by circular economy in supply chain
  • Increase product and service efficiency

greener growth

  • Innovation in Product and Service by Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly Solution

greener climate

  • Lower Green House Gas, CO2 Emission
  • Net Zero Supply Chain

Award & Certification

2017 : Green Industry Level 4

2019 : Prime Minister's Industry Award 2019

2019 : Thailand Energy Award 2019

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